9 Killer Internet Marketing Tools

Here are 9 great tools that have helped me with my Internet Marketing efforts:

After 8 years in the Internet Marketing business I’ve tried many, many tools out there that promise to save you time and money. There are very few out there that do, but here are a few of my favorites:

1. Gmail.com – for those of you using Microsoft Outlook and aren’t extremely happy with it, I recommend you look into Gmail. You can still send email from your existing email accounts, while syncing with Calendar and Task applications that are a) Free and b) crash a lot less than Outlook does. Reliable and flexible email is part of the foundation of a successful Internet marketing campaign.

2. Google Sync – access your calendar, email and task list from your smart phone- none of this blackberry email nonsense that’s expensive and unreliable.

3. Wisestamp.com – the only downside to Gmail that I had experienced was that it did not allow for a rich signature (one that has logos or images). Wisestamp changed all that with a downloadable application that lets you create a fabulous signature complete with links to your social media accounts. This allows you to capitalize on your social media marketing efforts- a major component of an internet marketing strategy.

4. Hootsuite.com – if you have more than 3 social media accounts (and most of us have at least Facebook and linked in) hootsuite allows you to send your message across up to 5 social media platforms for free- LOVE IT!

5. Mailchimp.com- this FREE newsletter software does take a bit of time to set up, but allows for automatic emails to go out to your existing or prospective clients – which frees up your time to do other things. Email marketing is a MUST DO for your Internet Marketing efforts.

6. FlipVideo – this is a small flip camcorder that has a plug in right to your computer, and built in software that links with YouTube. Creating You Tube videos is becoming a very popular and successful addition to an internet marketing strategy. At under $250 and the size of a cell phone the quality is unbeatable for a camcorder this small and inexpensive.

7. Online customer database- Probably the best investment I have ever made. All client information stored online so I can get it from anywhere. Instead of digging for paper files, all I need to do is hit the search button.

8. Skype- not just for international calls! You can rig it up through your cell phone now to make local or long distance calls from your cell phone, without paying exorbitant per minute rates. This is great for meeting with prospects outside your geographical location & has video conferencing capabilities as well!

9. Google Analytics- This invaluable, yet free tool measures virtually everything about your website’s traffic. Measuring your progress is a MUST for your internet marketing campaign!


Laurel Lindsay

Laurel Lindsay

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Laurel Lindsay
Laurel Lindsay
Laurel Lindsay