Vin Gogh – New Business Launch – A Case Study

Vin Gogh Paint & Sip is an exciting new way to have fun in Calgary. They’re the first and only Paint & Sip studio in the city. They opened their doors in October 2014, but before they did, they needed to get through their fears of technology, get branded, get online and get social!

What Vin Gogh needed help with:

To create and execute a coherent brand and online presence for their new business.

Here’s what Brenda had to say:

Our recommendations/the solutions we provided:

Strategic Consulting, Logo design, website design, online ordering (e-commerce), Search optimization, social media set up & branding & ongoing web marketing coaching & training.

Q- How have we helped your business?

A- A lot! They’re very responsive- Laurel basically held our hand through the process knowing we were the most technically afraid on the planet. She’s very good at letting us know what needed to be done, what to expect, what would come next.

Q-What sets NMG apart from their competitors?

A- Really good at taking calls, answering questions etc. Easy to get ahold of, but always follows up with a resource like a video or an article. They really help with all the small details and I know if I need help, there’d be something in my inbox right away.

And beyond getting what we needed, which I knew we would, they’re really open to feedback and implementing our suggestions in the process.

Final word:

I would absolutely recommend The New Media Group

Check out Vin Gogh’s website:

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And, here’s their logo:

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Laurel Lindsay

Laurel Lindsay

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Laurel Lindsay
Laurel Lindsay
Laurel Lindsay