Laurel Lindsay – CEO & Web Marketer



Laurel Lindsay a professional web marketer and CEO of The New Media Group Inc.

Over the last 11+ years Laurel has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and marketers alike leverage new media tools to achieve their business objectives.

Her unique skill set marries sales & marketing strategy with today’s cutting edge technologies in a powerful and effective combination.

Laurel leads the digital marketing team at The New Media Group to deliver effective & strategically executed web marketing deliverables for her clients.

Laurel splits her time between the Victoria office & Calgary offices, and – when not online – she’s outside adventuring with her family and their big red dog.

You can connect with Laurel on social media, here:

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Brooke Boser – Digital Marketing Manager

the-new-media-group-brooke-boserBrooke Boser is a ten year veteran of professional business analysis and project management delivery.

Where there’s a process gap, she will spot it. Where there’s a task to complete, she will manage it to completion. She is ambitious, resourceful, and team-oriented, and is passionate about the emergence of social media and digital marketing as key influencers in consumer decision-making.
Brooke is excited to take on the role of Marketing Manager at The New Media Group and is ready to apply all of her knowledge in order to provide the best customer service possible to our clients.
In her spare time Brooke reads, blogs, tweets, posts, pins, and +1′s. She is also the founder of LTIA Consulting, Inc, a Social Media Strategy & Management consulting firm based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
In her role at The New Media Group, Brooke will be sharing her project management & marketing skills with us, ensuring all our deliverables get met on time and on budget.
Brooke keen to shape the business and improve our client campaigns with her keen insight and digital marketing insights.
You can find Brook on the web at:

Why Us

10 Reasons Our Clients Work with Us

1. One Stop Shop
Don’t waste your precious time sourcing and managing multiple companies or freelancers. From designers, to writers, from videographers to website developers- we have the talent of a virtual marketing department at your fingertips

2. Full Service Approach
Once we get to know you, your business and your objectives we work really hard to make the experience effortless for you. We’ll handle the petty details so you can focus on your business.

3. Set It & Forget It
Don’t worry about having to learn or adapt to rapidly changing technology. We’ll stay on top  of new developments and advise you accordingly. You can be involved as much or as little as you want.

4. Experience
We have the experience and the expertise to do it right the first time.

5. Bulk Buying Power
Our commercial contacts ensure you get the best deal.

6. Built In Project Management
We ensure your projects run effectively and efficiently.

7. Expert Unbiased Advice: Our non biased opinion ensures objective and effective strategic advice.

8. You’re protected: You own everything we do for you- don’t worry about Intellectual
Property rights or a hassle bringing your marketing in-house.

9. Flat Rate: Don’t be blindsided by surprise billing. Our flat rate packages ensure you never go over budget.

10. Relax: You’ll never have to worry about figuring out how to generate leads online again. We’ve got you covered.

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Our Team

The New Media Group is a virtual digital marketing department comprised of talented, passionate individuals who combine their significant skill sets to get you the best possible results from the internet.

Located all across Canada and worldwide, our digital marketing team leverages the power of the web to increase their quality of life without compromising results.

Laurel Lindsay, CEO & Web Marketer


Brooke Boser, Digital Marketing Manager

Stacy Luck- Office Ninja

Stacy Luck- Office Ninja

Jordan Boyd

Jordan Boyd – Web Marketing Maestro



Reine Jensen

Reine Jensen, Graphic Designer








Kenny Anaisis- Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Kenny Anaisis- Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Vanessa Panton - Online Brand Ambassador

Vanessa Panton – Online Brand Ambassador

Lee Webb - Content Copywriter

Lee Webb – Content Copywriter