Our Newest Website Design – Launched!

Fresh off the press, complete with all the bells and whistles, we’re so excited to present Dunlop Western Star’s new website!

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.37.57 PM

Dunlop Western Star is the second largest Western Star Dealer in Canada. They have over 50 employees in 2 locations and are absolutely dedicated to supporting professionals in the transportation industry.

And – they needed a website design that was an accurate reflection of the quality and professionalism their customers can expect from them.

Their old website, worked ok and looked ok,  but it wasn’t keeping up with their competitors or for that matter, their customers.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 12.36.22 PM


So – what’s different with Dunlop Western Star’s new website?

Their new site had to be mobile responsive in order to stay competitive. So we built this new website design to be size responsive, so no matter the device – iphone or samsung tablet – this site looks good on all modern internet connected devices.

Click to call / click to email . Another way we made this website design easy for their customers to use is to ensure the phone numbers and email addresses were “clickable” – or responsive on mobile devices.

Their new site features a wicked video – a drone video to be exact – of their impressive facilities. Sites that contain video tend to offer better conversion rates.

A simpler, less text heavy layout. Adapting to the short attention span of today’s internet user – this site focuses on multimedia rather than text – making it easy for the user to find what they’re looking for.

Never search for the menu again – this website design has a menu which follows the user down the page – so they never have to search for a phone number, or make an effort to navigate between pages.

Subtle animations – this website responds to user interaction by ushering in the design elements, using understated animation throughout. This only serves to reinforce the commitment to cutting edge service Dunlop Western Star is known for.

Building trust is the key to successful relationships, and this site gets a jump on relationship building by providing photos of each and every team member in each department. You’ll see the same faces in store as online.

What’s the same about Dunlop Western Star’s new website design?

  1. We kept the internally updatable inventory – the wordpress back end of this website was working for the client – so we simply updated it to offer more flexibility to help them keep their online inventory current.
  2. We kept our coding streamlined making sure this site loads fast for success with both their customers and Google.
  3. Coded using best practices, this website is search optimized, to maximize the chances of this web design showing up high on the search engines.

We hope you like this new website as much as we do! Remember – sharing is caring!

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Now Hiring! Office Ninja

office-ninjaYou’re the type of person that organizes their soup cans with the labels facing out, because you simply can’t have it any other way.

You really love, and are actually kind of obsessed with order, simplicity & effectiveness.

But you’re not off-putting about it. Rather, you’re the good natured, big hearted, likeable ambassador of organizational goodness. Your specialty is creating order out of chaos.

Because of this wonderful gift you have, many different overlapping tasks with short deadlines don’t intimidate you in the slightest. In fact, you laugh in the face of long to do lists; knowing at the end of the day you will have won; you will have conquered the shit out of each and every detail. And! You will have made an easy to follow, optimized process for it so the task will flow smoother next time. Cuz that’s just how you roll.

You like having people depend on you; knowing your masterful execution of all things admin really make a difference in people’s lives. You prefer to work with people who give a shit- because you do too. You like to leave things better than you found them, and you’re inspired by this principle.

You don’t mind hard work for fair pay. You’re excited about the idea of learning more and earning more in an organization that has lots of room for growth. You’re a quick learner and adaptable to change.

You also like the idea of being master of your professional domain; where you have the autonomy & authority to do things the way you were born to do them.

As our organizational ninja: you’ll be part executive assistant, part client services manager, part financial records management. But more importantly, you’ll be a hero. To the president of the company that really needs your help. To the clients of the company that need their orders filled promptly and correctly, and to the existing team members who need your support.

The businesses are in the realm of digital media, so an understanding of, or willingness to learn digital media will required.

And as a bonus, you’ll be working remotely in a location of your choosing; free from fluorescent lights and tasteless cubicles. In fact, anywhere with cell & internet service is fair game. However, if you’re in Victoria BC or Calgary AB, expect to meet face to face at least quarterly.

The skinny on the day to day:

Executive Assistance: approx. 15 hours a week: (during business hours)

  • Presiding over the President’s email, and schedule; managing appointment requests.
  • General organizational/media related help
  • Finessing of/compiling documents
  • Other duties as required to support the President

Client Service: 5-10 hours a week: (during business hours)

  • Happily serving incoming client requests promptly and pleasantly:
  • Processing new orders
  • Answering random customer service questions, providing all manner of documents and files as requested.
  • Using your sharp eye for quality control
  • Liaising with team & vendors on the client’s behalf- getting them what they need, when they need it.
  • Presiding over Data/Records Management
  • Random Web Research/Reporting as needed
  • Project Scheduling/Coordination: launch, date, assign monthly and weekly tasks to keep everyone organized and on track to meet their deadlines.

Financial Record Management: approx. 5 hours a week (any time you want to work)

  • Help the bookkeeper, accountant & CFO get timely & accurate records. Yay!
  • Enjoying the immaculate and frankly beautiful state of your financial record keeping
  • Creating and sending reports that are not only accurate, but on time!
  • Correspondence with bookkeeper and accountant to help them, help you, help me, help everyone get paid on time and implement a profit sharing system. Double yay!
  • Arrange direct deposit processing: Yes, you pay the people- so the people will love you. Seriously.
  • Invoicing clients/credit card processing- so we all don’t end up eating Ichiban
  • Accounts receivable/payable


  • This position begins Aug 1 and after a 90 day trial period graduates to full time.
  • Work from anywhere! telecommuting is a bonus.
  • Fast growing organization with huge growth potential
  • Unique and fun corporate culture.

If this sounds like your dream job …You’re the Robin to my Batman. The Ying to my Yang. The Sherlock to my Holmes. I am very interested in hearing from you.

Please apply with:

  • Your resume
  • A funny picture of a cat
  • A 4 sentence description of why you think you’re perfect for this gig
  • Answer: What did you want to be when you grow up?
  • List: 2 of your pet peeves
  • Provide: 2 references that can attest to your superhero like abilities.

Please email laurel (at) lalindsay (dot) ca to apply

Find your ideal customers on social media with these 3 tips

social media marketingToday we are going to answer Jeff’s question, who writes, “What are three tips for finding the right customers on social media?”

That’s a great question. And if you are wondering that yourself, keep reading for the answer.

Identify your ideal customers:

If you know who your right customers are, you’re two steps ahead of many of your competitors.

The next step is to typify them in an archetype or in a demographic.
So for example, maybe your customers are typically affluent women in their thirties and forties.

Now you have concrete data you can use to research what social networks that particular demographic uses the most.

In this case of our example, that would be Pinterest. Doing a little bit of market research in the beginning will help you create the bare bones of a social media strategy and save you a lot of hassle and time making mistakes through trial and error.

Identify target location:

The second thing to do to find your ideal customers on social media, is narrowing your target down to a geographic area. Again, this provides you with a concrete benchmark, from which you can conduct more market research.

Specifically, there are hashtags that are used for each specific geographic area. Do a little bit of research and find out which are the most popular ones for both your geographic location, as well as the interests of your demographic so you can capitalize on their interests by getting involved in conversations about trending topics and more.

Pay for it:

Another thing you can do to get in front of your ideal networks is advertise.
The social media networks we participate in have amazing data collected on all of us. Thus, they’ve got very specific demographic information available for you to advertise and get in front of an audience that maybe isn’t part of your existing community.

Solicit Reviews:

The last thing that you can do is solicit referrals and recommendations on all your social media properties by having people endorse you. Endorsements not only provide new customers with a level of trust that you’re a reputable business, but this activity also provides exposure to your recommender’s network, who are much more likely to buy from you than a total stranger.

How have you found your ideal customers on social media? Share with me in the comments below.

And, if you found this valuable, please consider sharing with your network!

You can also watch this one minute tip as well as others on our Youtube page!

Web Marketing Maestro

maestro-gDo you love digital marketing? Self identify as a leader? Generally win at anything you put your hand to?

Your uncommon devotion to your vision and instinctual ability to draw out the strengths of those around you to achieve truly exceptional results.

An adept communicator, you’re looking for just the right place to spread your wings and mastermind like you were born to.

If this sounds familiar, you may be just the digital marketing maestro we’re looking for!

  • Are you an experienced or formally trained marketer?
  • Can you track and manage dozens of simultaneous priorities with a strong planning system?
  • Do you love the strategic and analytical planning process that goes into executing phenomenal marketing campaigns?
  • Are you a perfectionist who cares about getting the smallest thing just right?
  • Can you write well and communicate with everyone from the delivery person to the CEO of a Fortune 500 company?
  • Do you have the initiative to proactively seek out ways to solve problems and improve things before you are asked?
  • Are you passionate about improving the status quo?
  • Are you  an upbeat, energetic person that loves helping business owners benefit from the technology that is a part of your day to day life.

You’re looking for a modern agency that is flexible and on the cutting edge of what’s possible in lifestyle design.

You’re unique and you expect your working life to reflect that.


You role is integral to delivering excellent results to our clients.

Working with our talented team, you weave their skills and your own expertise together to craft, execute and measure ongoing digital marketing deliverables. Ensuring the utmost in quality is adhered to, you’re also adamant things get done on time and on budget.

Your dedication & enthusiasm inspires those around you to give their best, and enjoy doing so.

You like working with a well established firm, but one that is small and flexible enough to grow with, and have an impact on.


  • Work with the team to create, plan and execute digital marketing projects.
  • Project management, quality control and specification assurance
  • Liaise between contractors and vendors to realize project goals.
  • Personally execute some tasks as needed.
  • Fulfil production quotas; meeting & exceeding billable hour benchmarks.
  • Internal & external communication as required.
  • Act as an ambassador to the organization- actively contribute to brand building and engagement with the community via social channels.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of relevant developments in Site, Search & Social Marketing
  • Ongoing collaboration with the President to create & execute best practices across all areas of the organization.

We are:

A Western Canadian based digital marketing agency. The business owners that work with us watch their sales soar through Site, Search & Social media.

We harness the power of the internet to help people live better lives: that applies to our team, our clients, our communities and entrepreneurs as a whole.

We are in our 9th year in business and as demand for our services grows, we’re excited to continue our steady growth strategy.

Primarily serving clients in Alberta & BC, we also work with clients worldwide.

Soft skills:

  • Great attitude; Positive & Proactive
  • Strategic, Analytical Thinker
  • Detail Oriented
  • Ability to adapt to change/willing to learn
  • Ability to manage multiple overlapping projects
  • Technically savvy, comfortable
  • Team management and coordination experience
  • Previous marketing experience required
  • Excellent communication skills: written and verbal
  • Sales experience an asset
  • Experience working in a web development firm an asset

Hard skills/tools:

  • Google suite of products: analytics, adwords, docs, drive, g+ hangouts and social
  • Social media accounts existing and utilized: Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google plus, Pinterest, instagram,
  • Ad management -Facebook, google
  • Emarketing software: mailchimp, constant contact
  • Basecamp
  • Project planning experience: specification creation, creative brief, scheduling.


  • Starting at $30k/annum depending on suitability, experience.
  • Additional earning potential based on commissions, additional projects.


  • Work from anywhere that has an internet connection & cell phone reception
  • Very flexible & fun work environment
  • Very high upward mobility
  • Regular contests & prizes

Using Google Analytics to Measure your Web Marketing: Part One

While many business owners and CEO’s know they need to measure the results of their marketing, many don’t measure beyond the sales generated.

Being aware of broader trends and areas of improvement help maximize the returns you’re getting from your web marketing and help you make better business decisions.

One way to measure your web marketing is leverage a free Google Analytics account to measure your website performance statistics.

Using Google Analytics to Measure your Web Marketing.

Part One- setting up your account.

If you don’t already have a google account, sign up for one and save your password in a safe place. Then, go to google.com/analytics and sign in.

Add in your website URL, country, Industry and fill out any other fields requested.

You’re almost done with your set-up, there’s one last critical step. Google Analytics will provide you with a tracking code which must be embedded in your website. Send this code to your web developer to add, and verify it’s working.

Then, schedule a reminder for yourself every 30 days to look at your stats, or ensure you’re getting a report from your web marketing team.

Part Two- getting familiar with your web visitor behaviour.

Once your account is created, click on your web address, and then on the left select Audience> Overview. You can choose your date range and even compare against past data using the tab on the top right.

Below is a screenshot comparing an overview of two months of web traffic. We’ll cover each metric and how to interpret it.

measuring web marketing

  1. A session is defined as the period of time a user is actively engaged with your website. Typically, you want to see this number increase each month.
  2. A user is a person who has had at least one session within the date range.
    Typically you want to see this number increase each month as well.
  3. Page views is the total number of pages viewed. This number should also increase each month.
  4. Pages per session shows the average pages per session- or, how engaged your web users are with your website. A great benchmark to aim for is 4-5 pages per session.
  5. Average session duration is how may minutes and seconds each session is. This is also an indicator of user engagement and this number should be increasing rather than decreasing.
  6. Bounce rate is the percentage of users that land on your site and exited without interacting with the page. This number should be decreasing rather than increasing.
  7. % of new sessions is an estimate of the percentage of first time visits. Typically this number should be increasing month over month.

By looking at this overview you can get a good idea of how engaged the traffic to your website is and measure your web marketing progress each month.


Next, we will find out specifically where your website traffic is coming from.

Click on Acquisition > Overview.

This chart shows the quantity and quality of the last two months of web site traffic. The blue lines are the most recent month, and the orange are the month previous.

measuring your web marketing -  user aquisition

  1. Organic Search Traffic is defined as users that come to your website from a search they’ve done on a search engine.
  2. Direct traffic is traffic that comes to your website by typing in your website address into the address bar.
  3. Social traffic is traffic that comes to your website through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
  4. Referral traffic are website visitors that have come to your site from another website that links to yours.
  5. Email traffic are website visitors that have come to your website by clicking a link in email.

What this shows us is all traffic, from all sources, except email is up. The decrease in new sessions suggests more repeat traffic.

The behaviour of these users shows that the traffic from organic search has an increased bounce rate, which is bound to happen with the huge increase in traffic.

The culprit for the overall website increased bounce rate is the large jump in the bounce rate from our email traffic.  This tells us that perhaps we’re not doing the best job of engaging users from our last email newsletter.

In our next post we’ll cover how to determine what types of content is working, and what types of traffic are the best to cultivate.

What has been your experience with measuring your web marketing? Do you review your metrics regularly? Let us know in the comments below!

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