How to Create An Automated Sales Lead Nurture (Drip) Campaign

I want to talk to you about how to automate your sales conversion process by using the internet!

There are 3 steps to creating what is called a “drip campaign” or a “lead nurture campaign”.

The first step is to capture, the second is nurture and the third is convert!

All of this is going to help you automatically nurture leads as you are busy doing other things!

First, you want to start capturing lead’s email addresses from your website, social media, from search engines, you may have a specific landing page set up to capture perspective buyers information.

Once you have a prospect’s information don’t just leave it! Nurture those leads by regularly corresponding with them via email.

I recommend as an easy to use, free email marketing software.

Consider what concerns or questions your prospects might have as they go through the buying journey as well as questions you are commonly asked by your existing customers and start feeding them information at regular intervals to their email account.

You can even set up automated responses to start going out from the minute they submit their email address!


Whether that is every couple of days or couple weeks depends on your particular industry and business.

Next you can go into your Google Analytics and see how often these people are opening and clicking on these e-mails and get a really good idea on how qualified this lead is becoming.

Third, you want to convert them from a qualified lead to a sale.

So as they going through this nurturing process, at some point you want to start asking them repeatedly for the sale.

Give them special offers and make them time sensitive —> remember to continue to ask for the sale and that will help convert your lead into a sale!

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Laurel Lindsay

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