Rockstar Tips to Getting More Exposure On Adwords For Less Money

Today we are talking about how to rock Adwords like a prostar!

Google Adwords is where you can pay to have your business show up on Google by advertising with them.

Once you create an account, there are a couple tips I want to give you today that will help you get better results for less money!

First thing you want to do is sync your Google Adwords page with your Google+ local page.

In your Google Adwords account, click on extensions and synch up your Google+ local page. What this does is makes your ad stand out from all of your competition because it shows the pin which links directly to your location on Google maps – so you get more exposure for very little effort.

Secondly, is make sure your settings are changed from “broad match” to “exact match”.

What that does is prevent Google from making your ad show up for keywords that they are randomly adding to your account- you may not want to show up for those keywords or pay for them either!

By setting them to exact match you are taking more control over your account.

Lastly, is make sure your ad is only displaying during the times of day people are actually only searching for what you sell.

What this does is takes a bunch of your budget that could possibly wasted around the 2am mark and allocates it towards times of the day your prospective audience is searching for what you sell. That means you get more exposure for the same mount of money you are paying and you get a broader exposure to your target market.

Those are your three tips for rocking Google Adwords like a prostar!

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Laurel Lindsay

Laurel Lindsay

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