Battle-tested tips to having more time (from 10 years of entrepreneurship)



The number one biggest complaint that I hear from my clients and most entrepreneurs is that they just don’t have enough time. So today I’m going to share with you my battle tested tips on how to have more time.

Why do you want to have more time?

Well at the end of the day, none of us gets out of here alive…

So you want to make sure that you’re enjoying your life and accomplishing the things in your personal life and in your business that you want to accomplish.

The number one thing I always recommend is to prioritize and plan.


Prioritize & Plan:

What this means is you start working on your business instead of in it doing day to day tasks.

By setting aside some time to plan what your priorities are on a given quarter, a month, a week or a day.

By blocking out chunks of time to work on the specific tasks you’ve identified as high priority, then you will find that those big things get done and you have more momentum in your business.

You will be much more effective and create more time for yourself.

Document & Delegate:

The second tip that I recommend is to document and delegate.

If you’re anything like me or any other small business out there, you may find you’re doing the same tasks over and over again.

So why not document exactly how to do that exact task and then delegate it to an administrative assistant, a contractor that you might be working with or maybe you can even rope in a friendly teenager to help you with some of that web marketing and online stuff that you might not be so good at?

Some of the tools I use to document and delegate are and

Take Control of Your Time: Start saying no.

You might feel guilty at first but then you’ll be so happy and feel so free that your calendar’s all freed up!

Make sure that you are only saying yes to things that are actually a priority for you and that feel good. People will understand if you’re polite about declining.

And remember to take some time and go on vacation and get offline.

When you are less accessible, people tend to respect your time more and they also often times will figure things out on their own.

 Also, some of these tasks will just fall away naturally. For example, I had it on my list absolutely forever all summer to take a pair of pants and to make them into a pair of shorts.

And guess what – I didn’t do it all summer. And now it’s fall and I don’t need shorts anymore. So, done! I don’t need to worry about it.

Ask for Help:

Let’s face it. There’s certain things we’re good at and other things we aren’t so good at.

When it comes to specific niche tasks in your business like your accounting, legal or web marketing processes, it just makes sense to outsource these tasks to someone who can do them faster and more accurately than you can, because it’s their speciality.

Make Less Time:

And the last thing is to make less time for specific tasks.

If you’re anything like me—if you give yourself an hour to accomplish a certain set of tasks, you’ll spend that entire hour doing it. But if you only take 15 minutes then that false sense of pressure will make you work faster, be more focused and be more efficient.


Another way to get more done faster is to stop multitasking.

Your brain can actually only focus on one task at a time and takes precious minutes to get refocused after an interruption.

If you find it hard to focus, you can use an online software to block you from checking social media accounts, or email. One of these apps is: Get Cold Turkey

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