Is Your Profile Picture Scaring Prospective Clients Away?

Is your profile picture sending the wrong message

You know it when you see it. A bad profile picture…

Although increasingly LinkedIn seems to be becoming less professional, using it for business successfully means adhering to a few simple do’s and don’ts.

DON’T #1  Do Not Half Crop Someone Out Of Your Profile Picture

If you want to use that flattering picture from the Calgary Stampede, you can, as long as you have a professional Photoshop your photo.

Photoshopping can remove your ex out, his or her arm and the Stampede background and make it look like you were posing on a dark blue background screen like you did at picture day in elementary school.


Pose like it’s picture day. A plain background shot from your shoulders up should do the trick.

I recommend a professional photographer, but if that’s not in your budget you can just use a selfie stick.

With these three options for profile picture editing and capturing, there is no reason why you can’t have a professional, uncluttered photo for business use on social media.


DON’T #2: Show too much skin

This applies to the ladies more than the men.

I don’t often see men with their chests nearly bare in their profile pictures, but it does happen.

I am speaking specifically about the images where the choice of top does not leave a lot to the imagination.

That’s not exactly conducive to creating a  professional business image online, unless of course you’re a professional bikini model, in which case disregard this tip.


Remember that you’re being judged by your prospective client or boss.

Whether you think a ton of cleavage is fine is not the point. Put the ladies away for best results.

DON’T #3: Have A Ridiculously Outdated Profile Picture

I touched on this in another post about Spring Cleaning Your Social Media and it bears repeating.

You want to be recognizable, so if someone meets you in public, they’ll think “I know that lady from social media.” not “Who is this?”

A current profile image could be the difference between building or eroding trust.

7 Ways Successful People Use LinkedIN

Throwback!! I filmed this video about Marketing your business using LinkedIN over 2 years ago.

While I am happy to report both better hair days and an improved filming technique, the recommendations and information I provided are still true today.

LinkedIN remains one of THE most effective places for business owners to bolster credibility, build community and generate leads.

5 reasons you need to be on LinkedIN

  1. LinkedIN is THE social network for business only use
  2. LinkedIN is being used by your future customers- currently over 238 million users
  3. LinkedIN profiles are critical to reputation management– they usually show up prior to any other website when searching someone’s name
  4. LinkedIN can be used to get on Google- profiles display on search engines for target keywords- they can be optimized.
  5. LinkedIN users are affluent- the median household income of a user is $100,000

7 Ways Successful People Use LinkedIN

  1. To solicit endorsements– boost credibility and your reputation
  2. To stay in touch with prospects, clients, suppliers and any other business contacts
  3. To generate leads through an optimized profile and company page
  4. To find out who knows the person you’re interested in contacting, and asking for that introduction.
  5. To showcase portfolio pieces or projects visually or through multimedia
  6. To make new connections by contributing to conversations in industry groups
  7. To listen to prospects and clients and hear what’s important to them

In fact, it’s become even more effective than it used to be.

Recently, LinkedIN introduced In Page Analytics- which is a fancy way of saying that now you can see exactly how your audience reacts to your posts- in real time.

This means, less guessing and more knowing what resonates with your target market.



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