Marketing Strategy: Have A Blog? Become A Publisher on LinkedIn

audienceDo you write a blog for your business? Have you ever wondered how to get more exposure for your blog and/or website? Do you want to expand the reach of your message? For the sake of your marketing strategy and growing your business you should have answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions. That’s why it’s worth learning more about Pulse, which is LinkedIn’s Publishing platform.

In 2013, the social media platform LinkedIn purchased Pulse, a news reader app, for $90 million. At first, LinkedIn planned to use this app on its platform as a news aggregator and make LinkedIn a one-stop-shop for both networking and catching up on industry news. LinkedIn even compiled its own list of “Influencers” who wrote on specific industries and topics, and who could be followed individually by LinkedIn users. For over a year the only way you could become a contributor to Pulse was if you were one of these named influencers or if you wrote for a major news source.

However, the rules changed in February 2014 when LinkedIn opened up contribution to Pulse to all LinkedIn users, and essentially created it’s own blogging platform. This is BIG news for business owners. “Why”, you ask? Well, consider this: LinkedIn’s latest active user count is now northwards of 347 million users. While your published article may not come even close to reaching that many eyes, it’s still exciting to think about how many new eyes you can reach, and how reaching those people can help grow your business.

Still not convinced? Then consider these 5 additional benefits to publishing on LinkedIn:

Reach A Wider Audience & Create More Leads

Remember the 347 million? LinkedIn Publishing allows you to expand your reach beyond just your connections. It connects you to everyone. Take advantage of reaching this different, but wider audience in order to attract new business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Unfortunately, a lot of times people may be unaware of your company or brand. Especially if you are new to the game or operate in a smaller niche market. Publishing on LinkedIn can help you with this, as it will allow you to expand your network and share your story with more people. It will allow you the opportunity to be seen by new eyes, and potentially new clients.

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Like any blogging platform, you can add images and links to your article. This gives you the perfect opportunity to drive traffic back to your website. You could be talking about a product or a service, or just asking people to connect with you if they want more information. Any way you look at it, adding links to your article that drive people back to your website doesn’t just add value, it’s savvy marketing.

Build Credibility & Become An Industry Influencer

Share your industry knowledge and experience with your audience. Show them what you know and how you can help. Add value by giving them facts & figures, tips & tricks. Become the voice that people want to listen to and you will be well on your way to becoming an industry influencer, and a trusted source of information.

Create Engagement With A New Community

When you publish a piece of writing on LinkedIn, people are already geared up for engagement. That’s why they’re there! They want to connect and create conversation. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you get a comment or two on your articles. And if this happens, be prepared to comment back. This is the perfect opportunity to create discussion and show your human side. Let people connect with the face behind the business.

There are many benefits to publishing on LinkedIn. However, as when writing to your blog, remember who your audience is. Remember that LinkedIn is geared towards business professionals, people who want to gain industry knowledge, or those who want to grow their connections. Keep your audience in mind, and also the purpose of your writing. Short articles can do well on LinkedIn, as long as they provide a clear and engaging message. Long articles can also do well, it’s really up to you and your writing style. The point is that it’s an additional platform for you to get your message across and to reach an audience that you may not have necessarily reached before. It’s a great opportunity for you and your business, and for your marketing strategy, it’s a no brainer.