5 Quick and Easy ways to get more traffic to your website

Let’s talk about getting more traffic to your website!

Here are 5 quick and easy ways to get more people to your web site.

1. Leverage your already existing promotional materials.

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to promote your website and get more traffic to it is to mention your website address on your voicemail!

Also, don’t forget to add your website address to your email signature and any other promotional materials, and I’m talking any – vehicle decals, brochures, signage, anything else you can possibly add your website address to, go ahead and do it!

2. Work your email contacts.

Either send out a newsletter once a month to existing clients and contacts or a personal email out to the folks you know letting them know you have a website, what it can do and ask them to share it with their network.

3. Network on Social Media

Speaking of networks, if you are not leveraging social media to promote your business yet, you definitely want to go ahead and do that as soon as you are done reading this.

Promote yourself on Facebook, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, you name it! Those are just a few sites out there that can help you drive traffic to your website.

4. Update your site often.

You have to give these contacts a reason to visit your site so make sure to update it on a frequent basis and provide valuable information to your target audience.

5. Pay for traffic

Last but not least, if you haven’t thought of it already, you might want to consider advertising on Google.

Google Pay Per Click ads are an affordable way to get exposure to your clients when they are typing in what you sell on Google.

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The Top 5 Skills You Need To Rock Social Media

cc Yoel Ben-AvrahamOn the surface, being active on social media seems like child’s play.

Indeed, it is the younger generations that have made these communication platforms a marketing necessity for businesses of any industry.

However, once you have spent some time on social media you soon realize that it takes more time, effort, and skill to be effective than you first realized.

There are five skills in particular that you need to ensure you are using these marketing platforms to their utmost potential.

Let’s take a look at what they are.

1)   Grammar & Writing Skills

Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is essential for marketing on social media. Some platforms, like Twitter, limit you to communicating in 140 characters, while others give you free reign on your character limit. That said, no matter what platform you are communicating on, you need to ensure that your message is clear.

2)   Listening Skills

One of the key differentiators between traditional marketing and social media marketing is that it takes us from one-way communication (think magazines & billboards) to two-way communication.

The purpose of social media is to communicate with your customers, but it is also a means for your customers to communicate with you.This is what most brands don’t realize.

In order to be truly effective on social media, you need to listen for the conversations already taking place about your brand or your industry and be ready to add your own insight and value to the conversation.

3)   Pattern Recognition

There are many different ways to approach social media, depending on your brand’s goals and objectives.

For this reason, marketing success on social media is all about feedback. Making assumptions, trying new ideas, listening for feedback, and seeing what works and what doesn’t.

From these observations you are able to create your own map to follow for your own brand. These are the patterns you need to recognize to be successful, but they will be unique for everyone.

4)   Data & Insight Analysis

The only way to truly tell if social media is working for you is to measure it.

This is the step that most brands miss, because quite honestly, it takes a unique skill set to make sense of all the data being received.

Some say there is no way to measure social media. On the contrary, there is almost too much to measure at any one time. That’s why data analysis is a skill that is deeply needed in social media.

  1. How much traffic is your social campaign driving to your website?
  2. Which platforms are driving the most traffic?
  3. What type of content draws the most engagement?
  4. What days of the week is your target market most active?

These are questions that data analysis answers.

5)   Ability to Provide Feedback to Management

There is one thing that upper management wants to know when they invest money, and that is what is their return on that investment.

This is the classic argument against using social media, and is why social media managers need to be able to present data and feedback effectively. Being able to extract data from your efforts is one thing, but being able to present it in a clear and concise manner that makes sense to management is another.

This is the most important skill to master, because without it you may not get the support of those who matter.

Of course, there are many other skills that are required in effectively using social media, but out of all of them these are the ones we feel stand out. Without communication, listening, and analysis skills your social campaigns will flounder.

What skill do you think is necessary for being successful on social media?

3 Proactive Steps to Protect Your Online Reputation

Let’s talk about how to maintain a positive online reputation when it comes to your business!

The first thing you want to do is register your business domain name – .com, .ca, .info etc.

Make sure you grab your domain name and maintain it; register it through an email address you will have access to for years to come.

Don’t use your service provider email like shaw, but a personal account like gmail or hotmail. This ensures you will always have access to it.

Second – get accounts with all social media properties and claim your URL and business name on those social properties before anyone else can.

You will be happy you did even if you don’t plan on actively using any social media at the beginning of your endeavour, you’ll be happy you did when it comes time to to start engaging in it.

Lastly, grab your profile on the Better Business Bureau, Canada411, Foundlocally as well as any other local directory sites you have access to.

Just upload your logo and claim your property. You don’t have to do anything else with it!

When someone searches your business name online you want the first ten or twelve properties that show up on google search results to be properties that you have direct access to and can control and maintain at your discretion.

These 3 steps are really great proactive ways to create and maintain your positive reputation online.

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8 Steps You Need to Take to Rock LinkedIn Like a Pro

At over 300 million users in over 200 countries, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn is becoming the first stop online for many business professionals. It not only helps you to expand your network online, but it also allows you to form closer relationships with those that you network with offline. With the ability to connect, endorse, recommend, comment, and share all things business related, it’s a must-have for any professional business person or company.

That said, if you’re wanting to learn more about how to be a LinkedIn rock-star, look no further. We have created a fun video for you that outlines the 8 Steps You Need to Take to Rock LinkedIn Like a Pro.

We hope you enjoyed!

Winner of the Social In 17 ; Vancouver Business Network Event Announced

An enthusiastic crowd of business owners gathered at the Vancouver School of Music, April 22 to attend my 60 minute presentation of Social In 17- Successfully Market Yourself on Social Media in Just 17 Mins a day

The presentation is on the subject of my new book, and is intended to give business owners the exact practical and tactical tools they need to successfully market themselves on social media.

Hosted by the Vancouver Business Network, the seminar was a great success.

Networking followed my presentation, and I got to interact with almost all the attendees!

Door Prize Winner Announced! Congrats Mila Herenda!

Mila Herenda- winner of the doorprize!

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● Social Media- complete network assessment- where are you online and is it working? 
● One Hour- One on One consultation and Question and Answer period with Laurel
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Where you’ll find your future customers: what social media sites are a must for your business

You don’t need to be on every single social media website to find yourself a community of new customers.

What you do need, is to be on the right social media site for your unique business.

I’ll show you how to put forth 20% of the effort to get 80% of your results, by following this one simple rule:

Choose the social media sites your business uses based on where your target customers are active and engaged

Here is an executive summary of the demographic, or user base information on each of the major social networks.

Pick One Social Network and Get Started!

Pick One Social Network and Get Started!

If your business markets to other businesses (B2B)…

Then LinkedIn is the social media website for you! It is specifically targeted towards people who are in business and want to connect with others in business.

Both a personal account and a business page are recommended.

Is your business local based with a physical location?

If you have the ability to accept walk in traffic or by appointment, then you need to be on Google plus local -formerly Google Maps.

Is your target market ladies in their 30’s to 40’s ? If so, then you need to be on Pinterest.

To build credibility, stay up to the minute on industry news and connect with or position yourself as a thought leader then you need to be on Twitter.

If you’re marketing to moms then you absolutely to have a presence on Facebook.

If you want to get traffic from Google and show up on Google’s search engine…then you’ll also need to be on Google plus and Google plus local. These factors are becoming more more important terms where you rank on Google so you actually do have to be on Google plus now.

Instagram is a great social media network for just about everybody who is tech savvy and is a great way to generate more exposure if you’re in an image oriented business.

If you’re in any type of business where you need to build more trust, You Tube is the place to showcase your personality and expertise. (There’s no better way to communicate who you are and build trust online than video marketing.)

Video marketing is great for industries that have a bad reputation or if you’re in any kind of technology industry,  where things are complicated I require explanation.

If you’re not ready to do a full video, you can use the video capture tool on Vine and Instagram mobile apps which are 7 and 15 seconds each.

And if you’re not sure which social network your customers use, ask them using a free survey software like survey monkey.

The important thing is to pick one social network and start using it regularly. Once you get in the habit of using one,  you can add on to others.

What social network(s) do you use for your business?

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How to Banish Social Media Guilt

Today we’re going to talk about how to alleviate
social media guilt.

If you’re trying to use social media to generate more leads, credibility and exposure for yourself you probably are suffering from social media guilt.

It’s a phenomenon that occurs when you feel like you’re not on the right
social media web sites, you’re not engaging enough, you’re not posting enough and you’re missing something.

I’m here to give you three simple ways that you can alleviate that feeling.

So the first thing is to find a time to schedule in maybe a half an hour where you can schedule your social media posts in advance.

The program is called hootesuite.com .HootSuite allows you to
schedule your social media posts in advance. I recommend taking a half an
hour chunk on a Sunday or a day that’s slow and post all your posts for at least a week in advance, per network.

So, that even if we have everything go sideways that week at least you know that your social media posts are done.
The second thing I want you to do is download the mobile apps for each of the social media accounts that you’re on.

What this’ll enable you to do is whenever you’ve got a spare moment, just
check in to your social media accounts and engage with your network.

This offers you a really quick and easy way to engage when you’ve got me a few
minutes to spare stuck in traffic or if you’re waiting for someone to show up for a meeting or something like that.

The third thing I want you to do is set an alarm so when you are actually on a
desktop computer and you are checking your accounts.

I set my alarm so you’re not on there wasting time, looking at pictures
of cats.

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7 Ways Successful People Use LinkedIN

Throwback!! I filmed this video about Marketing your business using LinkedIN over 2 years ago.

While I am happy to report both better hair days and an improved filming technique, the recommendations and information I provided are still true today.

LinkedIN remains one of THE most effective places for business owners to bolster credibility, build community and generate leads.

5 reasons you need to be on LinkedIN

  1. LinkedIN is THE social network for business only use
  2. LinkedIN is being used by your future customers- currently over 238 million users
  3. LinkedIN profiles are critical to reputation management– they usually show up prior to any other website when searching someone’s name
  4. LinkedIN can be used to get on Google- profiles display on search engines for target keywords- they can be optimized.
  5. LinkedIN users are affluent- the median household income of a user is $100,000

7 Ways Successful People Use LinkedIN

  1. To solicit endorsements– boost credibility and your reputation
  2. To stay in touch with prospects, clients, suppliers and any other business contacts
  3. To generate leads through an optimized profile and company page
  4. To find out who knows the person you’re interested in contacting, and asking for that introduction.
  5. To showcase portfolio pieces or projects visually or through multimedia
  6. To make new connections by contributing to conversations in industry groups
  7. To listen to prospects and clients and hear what’s important to them

In fact, it’s become even more effective than it used to be.

Recently, LinkedIN introduced In Page Analytics- which is a fancy way of saying that now you can see exactly how your audience reacts to your posts- in real time.

This means, less guessing and more knowing what resonates with your target market.



Ebook_Linkedin_mock4Do you want to learn exactly how to leverage LinkedIN to generate leads? Grab your copy of my free workbook here: