New Website Launch: Hawthorn Interiors

Hawthorn Interiors - Website Launch
We are so pleased to announce a new website design for Hawthorn Interiors!

Hawthorn Interiors is a high end interior design firm located in Calgary,

Specializing in window & floor coverings they are known for decorating
stunning show homes for Calgary’s most prestigious builders.

Hawthorn Interiors needed a website that would reflect the gorgeous
interiors they are known for.

Minimalist in design while captivating with subtle animation, their new
website looks great on every device.

This is the third website we’ve created for Hawthorn Interiors in the
decade or so we’ve worked with them.

We are so pleased to have the opportunity to help them stay competitive and
looking great online.

Check out their new website at

Three Steps to Getting on Google

If you want your website to be noticed, you have to get on Google.


And if you want to get on Google, you have to make yourself as visible as possible to them and their web crawlers.

Then of course once you’re on, you’re going to want make sure you stay there.

Getting and staying on Google can be broken down into three easily remembered stages:

·      Build (on-site SEO)

·      Engage (off site SEO)

·      Stay fresh (regular content)

Let’s elaborate and see what these points really entail.

Build – on-site SEO

Anyone who maintains their own website, be it for business or pleasure, should at least be aware that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a thing, even if they might not really understand it.

They also need to know that it comes in two flavours: on-site and off-site, and taking care of the on-site SEO while building your website is paramount if you want it to get on Google.

On-site SEO includes everything that your web design team can arrange for you, either behind the scenes or for public consumption; quality content with relevant keywords, page titles, Google text snippets, URLs, H1 or H2 headings, correctly tagged images, outbound links, and having a site map.

All of these will affect your Google rank, although some (content and titles) carry more weight than others (alt tags on images).

Engage – off-site SEO

As the name suggests, off-site SEO covers everything you can do in other places online to improve your own SEO and help you to get on Google.

One metric used by Google to measure your ranking is the quality of your inbound links; that is, links from other places directing people to your site.

The practice of link building has long been a big part of any SEO campaign, although the focus has now shifted to the subtly different but more interpersonal practice of link earning.

Advisable ways of earning the high quality links that help you to get on Google include reaching out to bloggers and asking them to link to your best content, or offer to write a guest post with a link back to your site.

Leaving useful, non-generic comments on relevant blog posts with a link back to your site also works, as does being active and respected on a forum that allows you to display your web address in your signature or in posts.

Building a community on social media is another great way to improve the engagement with your content, if you can encourage your audience to share it directly from your site.

Stay fresh – regular content

While on and off-site SEO practices help you to get on Google, the ubiquitous search engine also takes into account the freshness of your website and its content.

It makes sense; after all, Google wants you to keep using its service, so strives to give the most relevant, freshest results it can. Stale websites get punished by falling in the rankings.

Even if most of your website’s pages are static and don’t change, there are ways to maintain a steady stream of new content. The most common is a regular blog, with the opportunity for people to comment on the posts.

Depending on the nature of your site, running a forum is also a possibility and helps with the fresh posts and interaction that Google values so highly.

Get on Google, Stay on Google

Being found through organic search engine results is vital to your business, and that means one thing: you have to get on Google.

By following the three key stages of building, engaging and staying fresh, you’ll give yourself the best of chance of both getting and staying there.

Our Latest Web Design – Open Hearth Studio – Providing Therapy Through Art

Web-Design-Open-Hearth-StudioRecently, The New Media Group launched a brand new website for our client – Open Hearth Studio. Run by Francis Bryant-Scott, Open Hearth Studio is a place where people in pain or distress can find comfort, new energy, new ideas, and help when it seems like nothing else is working through the practice of Art Therapy.

Located in the heart of Victoria on Oak Bay Avenue, Open Hearth Studios offers a warm and accepting environment for those looking for one-on-one therapy or a group workshop environment.

Our goal for this website was to reflect the same values and feel as Francis and Open Hearth Studio with warm colours, easy to follow text, and inviting images. It’s important to us to work closely with the client in order to mirror their offline personality with their online presence. We are proud to say that with this new launch we have achieved our goal.

If you’re in the Victoria area please check out Open Hearth Studios. Or if you like our work and are looking for a new or improved website please feel free to contact us to book a chat.



Client Testimonial: “I felt like I was in good hands. They were great at listening to what I wanted, and willing to go the extra mile.”