The #1 Marketing Tool For Business You Need To Start Using Right Now

Today I want to share with you the Number one most effective and free digital marketing tool that you can use as a small business owner or do it yourself marketer.

You may not be surprised to learn it is Video marketing! Just like this video here:

It is an incredibly powerful tool that is free to use, I actually filmed this on my smart phone!

3 Reasons Video Marketing is so effective.

Number 1 – Video is the next best thing to meeting someone in person.

A lot of our communication is non-verbal so watching a video of someone is a really great way to get to know them and get a sense of who they are, its very similar to meeting someone in person.

Secondly, people are much more prone to watch video or look at photos than they are to read text or a long bio about you. It is a very easy way to communicate information and have people consume it in this day in age when people have increasingly short attention spans.

Thirdly, videos are much more likely to be shared and have a much higher conversion rate in terms of people who watch the video are much more likely to act and take the next step in the buying cycle.

Lastly, not many people know this, but Youtube is owned by Google and is the second biggest search engine in the world!

So by posting videos to Youtube, you increase your exposure across the search engines and generate more traffic back to your website!

Those are all the reasons I recommend you start video marketing right now.

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